APA 8-Ball Doubles Playoffs

APA 8-Ball Doubles ChampionshipDate:March 11th
Location:Breaktime Billiards
Registration Time:10:00 AM
Start Time:11:00 AM

Congratulations to the following teams that qualified for the APA 8-Ball Doubles playoffs!

Division 951:
1. Kat daddy
2. Fox n Hare
3. I got her Back
4. Hard 8
5. Rushing is Back
6. Wild Card is Pool Tang Clan.

Division 954:
1. This or That
2. WTH
3. Pope n Zach
4. The Newlyweds
5. Wild Card is Rugrats..

Division 958:
1. Amy 8 Ball
2. Wild card is Pops N Grumpy
Division 959:
1. Loris Boys
2. C&Js Cold Cuts
3. Hull Yeah
4. Wild Card is Ron Jon's most Wanted.
Division 956:
1. Nacho Average Duo
2. T14 Good Time Donkeys
3. You Sand Bag is Showing
4. Slate Crazy
5. Wild Card is Triple Threat
Next 8-Ball Doubles session is starting on March 24th! Register your team for next session!View 8-Ball Doubles Bylaws