APA 8-Ball Doubles Playoffs

APA 8-Ball Doubles ChampionshipDate:April 10th.
Location:Breaktime Billiards
Registration Time:9:00 AM
Start Time:10:00 AM

Congratulations to the following teams that qualified for the APA 8-Ball Doubles playoffs!

Division 956:
Unicorn Donkey Turtles (Winners)
Scotts Team
Frick N Frack
Nacho Average Duo
Gene Pool
Archie & Danny
Stephanie’s Team
K & K (Wild Card)
Division 957:
Vakna Och Bryta (Winners)
Bubba’s Cut Outs
Arm & Hammer
Scratch This
Sticks N Chicks
Gauge N Lenny
D Time (Wild Card)
Division 958:
Double Trouble (Winners)
Goldie Locks N 3 Bears
Cold Case (Wild Card)
Division 959:
Below Average (Winners)
Hull Yeah!
Don’t Know Yet
Jekyll N Hyde (Wild Card)
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