APA 8-Ball Doubles Playoffs

APA 8-Ball Doubles ChampionshipDate:March 19th
Location:Breaktime Billiards, 127 South College Rd, Wilmington
Registration Time:10:00 AM
Start Time:11:00 AM

Congratulations to the following teams that qualified for the APA 8-Ball Doubles playoffs!

Division 951
1st place winning team is 95103 K n L. congrats Leroy Todd and Kristin Jordan
2. 95110 Bubbas Cutouts
3. 95106 Arm n Hammer
4. 95109 Bro & Bro
5. 95107 Dynamic Duo
Wild Card winner is 95102 Hard 8

Division 953
1st place winning team is 95302 B n K Bruisers. Congrats Chris Bryant and Kathy Holland.
2. 95301 Arch Rivals
Wild Card winner is 95305 Mean Green

Division 961
1st place winning team is 96104 Nacho Average Duo. congrats Elwood Crump and Amber Crump.
2. 96103 Lets Go Brandon
3. 96114 Unicorn Donkey Turtles
4. 96113 WTH
5. 96115 Double Hubble Trouble
6. 96111 The Newlyweds
7. 96101 Thick & Thin
Wild Card winner is 96112 See What Happens

Division 962
1st place winning team is 96201 MoM Daughter Dynamic Duo. Congrats Amy Roush Shriver and Courtney Rita Marie Rhodes
2. 96206 Fat n Bald
3. 96205 Love n Some
Wild Card winner is 96203 Buckwheat N Housen
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