APA Team Captains

APA Team CaptainsDate:April 24th
Location:Shore Thing Billiards
Registration Time:9:00 AM
Start Time:10:00 AM
Team Registration Fee: $75.00

Have you thought of being a Team Captain but needed an extra incentive?

This one’s for you!! The APA Team Captain’s Championship is yet another way to get to the World Pool Championships in Las Vegas. This event has been created for those players who take on the responsibilities of being an APA Team Captain.

Must be an active APA Coastal Carolina League member to play!
  • All participants must have completed two sessions as a captain of a standard 8-Ball, 9-Ball or Ladies division team in in CCAPA. *Due to the Covid shut down situation, eligibility requirements this year are a bit
    different. An combination of being a captain in 8-ball, 9-ball or Ladies for TWO sessions in Fall 2019, Fall 2020, Spring 2020, or Spring 2021 will qualify you to play.  You don’t need to be a current captain, as long as you’ve been a captain for 2 sessions from Fall 2019, Fall 2020, Spring 2020, or Spring 2021. (Masters, Doubles & Juniors captains not eligible).
  • Teams of 3 players for CCAPA local Championship. Skill Level limit 15. (Max in Vegas on the roster is 5 and 3 players play each match. *Two additional Captains can be added to the Vegas qualified team if desired.
  • All Captains must be actively playing on a 8-ball, 9-ball or Ladies league this Spring session and played a minimum of 4 matches to participate in the tournament.
  • Only one player of SL 6 or higher may play in any given match
  • Standard 8-ball and 9-ball and Ladies captains qualify.
  • Only one SL 6 or higher (8 or 9) is allowed to play in a match.
  • Skill Level 8’s and 9’s will be counted as 7’s toward the 15 rule. If a player is a 5 in 8-Ball and a 6 in 9-Ball, they will count as a 6 toward the team handicap. However if they are a 7 in 8-Ball and 9 in 9-Ball then they will count as a 7 toward the team handicap.
  • Players may only participate on one team and must be from the same League area.
  • Players must have 20 8-Ball scores or 20 9-Ball scores within the last two years, play at least four times in the Spring session and be active on a Summer session roster.
  • New format will alternate 8-Ball & 9-Ball racks.
  • In each round, a coin flip will determine which team declares their players first. The team will list three players in ascending order (lowest to highest) to determine the player rotation for that match. Rotation continues, lowest to highest.
  • The two players in the first match will play one rack of 8-Ball, the next two play a rack of 9-Ball and the third play a rack of 8-Ball. The rotation resets and the pattern continues until a team reaches the points needed to be declared the winner. Each rack is worth one point.
  • Modified Single Elimination.
  • Local Qualification tournament determines qualifier. 100% payout of entries.
  • This is an official APA event that will qualify the team for the Captain’s Championship that will be held in Las Vegas!

Tournament registration for the APA Team Captain Vegas Qualifier will open on April 22nd @ 8am. Limited to the first 32 teams registered.


Registered Teams

Team NamePlayer 1Player 1 SLPlayer 2Player 2 SLPlayer 3Player 3 SLDate Registered
Trying to make itJohnathon Hammonds7James Rushing5Tba Tba304-23-2021 05:28:43 pm
F EddieJohnathon Hammond7James Rushing5TBD Soon304-23-2021 04:47:43 pm
Cancer suxWaylon Chestnut6Angel Robinson4David Riley504-23-2021 03:08:21 pm
In it to win itDonny Massingill7Donna Findera4Chris Nails404-22-2021 12:39:04 pm
The Bald & The BeautifulFred Yafanaro6Huggie Sheffer5Christy Allsbrook304-22-2021 08:01:06 am
3 of a kindJessica McFadden6Tim Littlehale5Debbie Reppert304-22-2021 11:01:47 am
CheezeballzCathy Goodman5Allen Ellixson4Mike Tackett604-22-2021 09:17:07 am
3 amigosDarryll Martin6Randy Herring5Darlene Herring404-22-2021 08:46:40 am
The ArmbarsThe Arm4Chris Lozier5Brandt Hukill604-22-2021 08:12:58 am
Toe Bee GramAshley Martin3CD Rozsa5Derek Strawbridge704-22-2021 08:05:03 am
Stranger ThingsCarol Mayer3Eddie Mc Coy5Jonathon Hammods604-22-2021 08:04:16 am
Triple ThreatDustin Mahoney6Joey Johnson5Shawn Acrip404-22-2021 08:00:36 am
Cuatro Cinco SeisScott Youngman6Jesse Martin5Heather Chestnut404-22-2021 08:00:05 am
HarleysJustin Nickel5Fred Mogilka5John Meli504-22-2021 08:02:19 am
Scott’s teamScott Hockaday7Linda Hockaday4Amy Simpson304-22-2021 08:00:34 am
Three blind miceSteve Hughes5Kathy Holland5Victoria Corwin504-22-2021 08:01:06 am
Your TurnKevin Rice7Earl Jones5Amy Shriver304-22-2021 08:00:04 am
The Bald & The BeautifulFred Yafanaro6Huggie Sheffer5Christy Allsbrook304-22-2021 08:01:06 am
Monkey Trippin'Dave Bosky7Melissa Constable4Jen Biron404-22-2021 08:00:05 am
Two Patties and a FattyFrank Estep4Patricia Estep4Pat Johnson504-22-2021 08:00:20 am
The 3 StoogesMichael Wilson5Jonathan Newman6Shane Riddle404-22-2021 08:00:10 am
SneadMike Snead7Charles Buffkin5Evan Sullivan304-22-2021 08:00:05 am
10 ball, 9 ball and 8 ball minus the ballsLauren Jeffcoat4Lisa Mills5Nikki Gordon604-22-2021 08:00:14 am


Waitlist Teams

Team NamePlayer 1Player 1 SLPlayer 2Player 2 SLPlayer 3Player 3 SLDate Registered