APA Masters/Minor League Playoffs

APA MastersDate:May 15th
Location:Shore Thing Billiards
Registration Time:9:00 AM
Start Time:10:00 AM
Division 901 Wilmington Masters
Negative Ghost Riders
Nam Squad
Rack Em
Division 902 Myrtle Beach Minor Masters
Division 903 Wilmington Minor Masters
Bourbon Legends
Can I Be A 6?
Drinks On The House
Minors Finest
Division 904 Myrtle Beach Masters
Scrub Donkeys
We Earned It
Slow & Easy
Felt Up
The Deplorables
Almost Famous
Local bylaws for Masters Division

As stated in the rules and also our local bylaws for Masters, in order to play in the local Championship and in Vegas, all players MUST have played:

At least 10 scores in either 8-ball or 9-ball in the past 2 years or:
At least 10 Masters scores in Masters format only (if not on an 8 or 9 ball team) in our CCAPA area or: At least 10 x 8-ball, 9-ball and/or Masters scores.

Have at least 6 matches during the session with their team.

All player must also play a minimum of 6 matches in Spring 2022, in any format.

All past dues must be paid in full.