APA 8-Ball Tricups (SC)

APA 8-Ball Tricups (SC)

apa-world-championshipDate:May 21st
Location:Shore Thing Billiards
Ron Jon's
Registration Time:9:00 AM
Start Time:10:00 AM
8-Ball Tricups (Qualified SC Teams)
Teams @ Shore Thing Billiards
Capt. Meeting at Shore Thing @ 9:30am Play starts at 10am
8-Ball Tricups (Qualified SC Teams)
Teams @ Ron Jon's
Capt. Meeting at Ron Jon's @ 9:30am
Play starts at 10am
The Rack Pack
Rushing’s Sharp Shooters
Gator Chalked
Loose Racks
Hicks with Sticks
Hulls Angels
Comfortably Numb
Four wheels Required
Ole 8-Ballers
McFadden’s Shenanigans
Gatortails (GT)
Wild 8s
That Ain’t It
The Expendables
Comeback Billiards
Broken English
Rock Starz
Trouble Shooters
Bucket of Sloths
That’s My Captain
Southern Comfort Shots
Bust N Balls
Moose & Squirrel
Clean Sweep
Crazy 8s
CW’s Hot & Tasty
To Be Determined
Lotta Talent
Devils Cut
Chalk It Up
Chalk This
Do It Again
Drunk & Disorderly
No Names
Gatortails (MB)
Good Ole Boys
Double Trouble
8-Ball Sinkers
Once Was
Be sure captains are familiar with all tournament Rules!View Team Captain Notes

The 8-Ball TRI CUP tournament will be played in one day, Modified Single Elimination. Winning teams will be qualified for the World Qualifier (Cities). The winning team(s) from The World Qualifier head to The APA World Championships in Las Vegas!

Registration begins at 9:00am and the Team Captain’s meeting will be held at 9:30am SHARP on Saturday morning for all teams. Play starts immediately after, at 10am.

There is no longer a need for players to sign the “Team Certification Form” at the Tri Cups. TCF will only be needed at the World Qualifier) Players will play at the session ending skill level, after playoffs have been added, unless a player comes up to us and asks to be raised to protect themselves and the team from DQ, and/or possibly if a player has less than 10 scores played in the format and the TD feels the player may be handicapped under their ability, which may cause player to be raised prior to or during the event/match.

Only players from YOUR LAST SESSION roster (with the required number of 6 weekly matches, including playoffs) are eligible to play in this tournament. No exceptions!! Please show respect to your fellow players-if your team cannot make the TC, let us know ASAP!

Teams must be up to date on all fees and have turned in matches for the entire session in order to be included in the Wild Card draw, and to play in playoffs and Tri-Cups.