APA Ladies League Playoffs

APA LadiesDate:October 10th
Location:Shore Thing Billiards
Registration Time:8:00 AM
Start Time:9:00 AM
Teams Qualified for DIVISION 703Teams Qualified for DIVISION 704
Breaking Racks & Hearts
Pool Tang Clan
From Scratch
Blurred Vision
Not my Problem
Panic At The Table
Ewa’s Devious Divas
Diamond Girls
Carolina Girls
House Cue-ties (WC)
Reeces Pieces
Chalk-A lot
Play Like A Girl
Bank On It
Fab Five
Ball Bandits
Fearless Shots
Salty Beaches
Ball Busters (WC)
Local bylaws for Ladies Division

Reminder that all players on the team need to have four matches played any APA 8-ball format in the Spring session (Jan-April of 2021 this year, due to Championship being in 2021) and 6 matches with the team overall for the year in order to play in the playoffs.

All players must have an established handicap, meaning a minimum of 10 matches played in APA 8-ball in the past 2 years in order to play in the playoff tournament.

All past dues must be paid in full.