APA MVP 8-Ball & 9-Ball

8-Ball MVP Player List9-Ball MVP Player List
These players are scheduled to play in the 8/9 Ball MVP tournaments this weekend.
8-Ball SL 2&39-Ball SL 1,2,3
8-Ball SL 4&59-Ball SL 4&5
8-Ball SL 6&79-Ball SL 6,7,8,9
APA 9-Ball MVPDate:February 21st
Location:SL 1-3 @ Bubba's Bar & Grill
SL 4-5 @ Shore Thing Billiards
SL 6-9 @ Bubba's Bar & Grill
Registration Time:9:00 AM
Start Time:10:00 AM
OPEN TO ALL PLAYERSFall Session | Spring Session
APA 8-Ball MVPDate:February 20th
Location:SL 2/3 @ Tavern 14
SL 4/5 @ Rack'm Pub & Billiards
             415 S. College Rd, NC
SL 6/7 @ Tavern 14
             6309 Market Street, NC
Registration Time:9:00 AM
Start Time:10:00 AM
OPEN TO ALL PLAYERSFall Session | Spring Session

MVP is a tournament held after each session that recognizes players for their performance during the session. Points are accrued through the new PPM system. (Points Per Match) Number of points earned/Number of points available=MVP Score. Congratulations to the players who have won the MVP in their division/skill level, these players will receive an MVP zipper pull patch and an invite to play in the MVP tournament. Players can check out their personal MVP points on their APA Member Stats page.

All overall, league wide winners can play for free in the MVP Tournament in which they qualified! Again, these players are the best in their skill level from our entire area, not just one division.

$25 Entry Fee for pre-registered entrants.
Modified Single Elimination – $100 added to each Tier.
Brackets Tiered According to Skill Level.


MVP 8-Ball
SL 2/3 - Max 26 Players
SL 4/5 - Max 32 Players
SL 6/7 - Max 26 Players
MVP 9-Ball
SL 1/3 - Max 20 Players
SL 4/5 - Max 32 Players
SL 6/9 - Max 20 Players

Cash Payout to Top Four Finishers in Each Bracket, including an opportunity to qualify for the Singles Regional Championship!

Must be active with 10 scores and on a current roster (current session/Spring 2021), in the applicable tournament format. Must be an active APA Coastal Carolina League member to play!