APA Team Captain Tournament

From: Mar 21, 2020 10:00 am
To: Mar 21, 2020 11:00 pm
APA Team Captains Championship
Limited to 32 teams
SL MAX-See Below
$75/Team Entry Fee
Non-Smoking event
9am Registration
10am Start time

*Sign Up available on MARCH 13

$10,000 1 st PLACE + $57,600* TOTAL PAYOUT in Vegas!
*Based on full field in the Vegas event in August 2020
Have you thought of being a Team Captain but needed an extra incentive? This one’s for you!!
The APA Team Captains’ Championship is yet another way to get to the World Pool
Championships in Las Vegas. This event has been created in appreciation for those players who
take on the responsibilities of being a Team Captain.

Here are the details:
All participants must have completed two sessions as a captain of a standard 8-Ball, 9-Ball or Ladies
team in the 2019-2020 League year in CCAPA. That includes players who have captained a team in and
TWO sessions in Summer 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020. (Masters, Doubles & Juniors captains not eligible)
Teams of 3 players for CCAPA local Championship. Skill Level limit 15. (Max in Vegas on the roster is 5 and
3 players play each match. *Two additional Captains can be added to the Vegas qualified team if desired.
Player’s highest Skill Level will be used toward the 15 (8 or 9 ball)
Skill Level 8’s and 9’s in 9-ball will be counted as 7’s toward the 15 rule. If a player is a 3 in 8-Ball and a 4 in
9-Ball, they will count as a 4 toward the team handicap. However if the player, for example is a 7 in 8-Ball
and 9 in 9-Ball then they will count as a 7 toward the team overall max 15 handicap.
Only one SL 6 or higher (8 or 9) is allowed to play in a match.
Players may only participate on one team and must be from our CCAPA League area.
Players must have 20 8-Ball scores or 20 9-Ball scores within the last two years prior to July 1, play at least
four times in this Spring session and be active on a Summer session roster to play in Vegas if team wins. (*10
scores required for our local tournament.)
Format will alternate 8-Ball & 9-Ball racks.
In each round, a coin flip will determine which team declares their players first. The team will list three
players in ascending order (lowest to highest) to determine the player rotation for that match. Rotation
continues, lowest to highest.
The two players in the first match will play one rack of 8-Ball, the next two play a rack of 9-Ball and the third
play a rack of 8-Ball. The rotation resets and the pattern will continue until a team reaches the points needed
to be declared the winner. Each rack is worth one point.
Modified Single Elimination. Coastal Carolina APA players only.
Local Qualification tournament determines qualifier. 100% payout of entries.
$75/team entry fee ($25/person)
This is an official APA event that will qualify the team for the Captain’s
Championship that will be held in Las Vegas, August 2020!
available on date listed above. Limited to first 32 entries!!!!!!!!

Invited: Everyone

Event Posted By Coastal Carolina APA