APA Appreciation Tournament @ Bubbas

From: Aug 24, 2019 09:00 am
To: Aug 24, 2019 11:00 pm
$600 ADDED!
Saturday, August 24 – 10am start-Reg. at 9am
BUBBA’S BAR & GRILL, Myrtle Beach, SC
$30 entry fee/team – 100% entry payback in addition to added $
3 person teams - MAX 32 Teams - SL 14 max/team *info below
Teams must register @ – Reg. opens on Friday, 8/16

*Teams to be made up of 3 players with a combine Skill Level Max of 14.
*Player’s highest Skill Level will be used toward the 14 (8 or 9 ball)
*Skill Level 8’s and 9’s in 9-ball will be counted as 7’s toward the 14 rule. (If a player is a 3 in 8-Ball and a 4 in 9-Ball,
they will count as a 4 toward the team handicap. However if the player, for example is a 7 in 8-Ball and 9 in 9-Ball
then they will count as a 7 toward the team overall max 14 handicap.
*3 players play each match
*Only one SL 6 or higher (8 or 9) is allowed to play in a match.
Players must have 10 8-Ball scores or 10 9-Ball scores within the last two years and be active on a
Summer session roster.
*Format will alternate 8-Ball & 9-Ball racks.
*In each round, a coin flip will determine which team declares their players first. The team will
list three players in ascending order (lowest to highest) to determine the player rotation for
that match. Rotation continues, lowest to highest.
*The two players in the first match will play one rack of 8-Ball, the next two play a rack of
9-Ball and the third play a rack of 8-Ball. The rotation resets and the pattern will
continue until a team reaches the points needed to be declared the winner.
*Each rack is worth one point.
*Modified Single Elimination. Coastal Carolina APA players only.

Invited: Everyone

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