APA Minor Masters League - New Session Starts!

From: Jul 08, 2018 01:30 pm
To: Jul 08, 2018 05:00 pm

Anyone interested in testing their skills in a non-handicap 8-Ball and 9-Ball format?
This is your chance to play with the APA MINOR LEAGUE MASTERS!

MAXIMUM Player Skill Level for players 5 (6 in 9-Ball) to join.
Players joining the team must have an established Skill Level of
10 matches played in 8 OR 9 in the last 2 years
4 player team, 3 play each Team Match, $30/team
One Sunday/Month - Double Matches played each time
Combination of 8-ball and 9ball – Race to 5
NO HANDICAPS DURING PLAY! 1:30pm on Sundays-Once/Month

Players must have an established handicap and be active on a regular weekly8-ball and/or 9-ball standard team roster.

Invited: Everyone

Event Posted By Coastal Carolina APA